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Sports betting books

Sports betting is not only entertainment but also a good opportunity to earn money. However, not all people seriously perceive this type of activity as the main source of income. If you know all the rules and features of sports betting, you can regularly earn good money. And to learn the specifics of this area, you can read books about rates. In this review, we have collected the most popular books about sports betting, as well as some tips for beginner bettors.

Many experts say that sports betting is a real battle of intellects between the bookmaker and the player. It is difficult to predict what will be the winner in the long run because in the bet a lot depends not only on luck and chance but also on a good knowledge of the features of the game by both participants.

The Art of Betting

The first book on our list was The Art of Betting by Steven Harris and Joachim Marnitz.

This is a complete practical guide to betting, which not only systematizes the experience and knowledge of the world’s leading bookmakers but also contains useful information that will help a beginner not to get confused when looking at a variety of outcomes and odds. In addition, this book is also suitable for a more experienced player – it will help you understand all the nuances of sports betting.

This book contains the opinions of major international sports betting experts working with the bettingexpert.com platform – Andrew Broker, Joakim Marnitz, and Steven Harris. They talk about the basics of betting: types of odds, formulas for calculating the margin of bookmakers, and strategies. In addition, other experts share their own betting experiences and talk about the nuances of different sports.

In addition, from the book, you will also learn interesting facts about the betting business and how the behavior of players affects the result of bets.

The authors of the book also offer the reader to find out their initial level – if you are familiar with such concepts as handicap, total, handicap, then you are already an experienced player. If not, then you need to start with the basics of betting and study the betting market well before putting the acquired knowledge into practice.

Winning on Betfair for Dummies

Our second recommendation is Jack Houghton’s Winning on Betfair for Dummies.

This book was first published in 2006, but the information contained in the book is still relevant for players with and without experience in betting. Houghton’s professional techniques remain useful even after many years. This book will be useful for those who want to understand the elementary principles of betting – even the most complex terms are explained in a fairly simple language in the book.

In addition, the book mentions the world’s largest betting exchange, Betfair – the author of the book, Jack Houghton, has worked in this bookmaker for many years, so he knows how the work inside the company works and can share his real work experience.

The author describes in some detail the features of working through a bookmaker and also gives a list of simple examples for beginners. The difference between this book and others is that Houghton thoroughly studied the company’s system of operations, its functions, and other features. The developments described in the material are easily applicable to other bookmakers.

Guide to Betting Exchanges

Another useful book that will come in handy if you want to become a sports betting pro is John Duncan’s Guide to Betting Exchanges.

The author independently developed a profitable system in sports betting. Most of all, professional players liked his strategies for football betting and horse racing. In addition, the author actively shares tips on effective betting with beginners and pros.

The author also has his website, where he regularly publishes materials on the topic of betting, shares the secrets of successful bets, and tells how to bet on sports correctly. Users can subscribe to the newsletter and be the first to know about new information. Here you can also apply for a paid membership, and get access to fresh materials about sports betting.

How to capitalize on the chaos

Another useful book is Nicholas Taleb’s Antifragility. How to capitalize on the chaos.

This book is well known to those who are engaged in self-improvement and self-development. Interestingly, this book contains tips that will suit not only bettors but also all people who want to succeed in their business.

The book tells how to stay on top during life’s chaos and survive in the most difficult situation. Among the advantages of this book is the presence of several effective methods, which the author describes in detail. Their task is to help a person become tough enough and gradually evolve even in the harshest conditions of life.

Taleb’s methods of improvement help a person to predict the future and remain unharmed in chaos. Moreover, the ability to be antifragile, according to the author, can allow not only to survive in a difficult situation but also to grow at the same time.

The main point of the book is that every person has a clear or hidden potential to become antifragile and use any instability to their advantage. The important thing is to find and keep this skill, develop it and use it in any suitable situation. The author touches on a huge number of issues that concern many people and teaches how to make life-changing decisions.

The book talks about both banal life issues and war, economics, and even medicine. The reader only needs to apply the material to his field and make it work properly.


Even if you already have good experience in sports betting, you can still benefit from the books that we talked about above. These books are the best guides to action in sports betting and gaming. They are compiled by successful businessmen and employees of betting companies in collaboration with entrepreneurs and psychologists – this is what makes them useful for every reader.

However, it is important to be able to correctly apply the material from any book in practice – therefore, after reading these books, try to place bets based on the tips that you have read. Always remember that sports betting is gambling and risky entertainment in which no one guarantees to win. That is why it is worth analyzing your risks and possible benefits in order not to lose your money.

What does -3 mean in betting

The term 3-Bet is quite common in the field of betting and casinos. To bet successfully, it is important to know exactly what this term means, as inexperienced players often misinterpret it and, as a result, act incorrectly afterward. In order not to get confused in the information that the Internet is oversaturated with today, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with this article, in which we will analyze in detail the term 3-Bet and its features.

The meaning of the term 3-Bet in poker

A 3-bet in poker is a player’s raise in response to an opponent’s earlier raise. A raise is a decision in the betting process in which a player raises, relative to the minimum bet of the opponent who decided him.

The term 3-Bet is used both pre-flop and post-flop. If explained in simple terms, then it means the third increase in a row, and that is why the number three is at the beginning of the term. This term also has analogies – for example, 4-Bet, and 5-Bet – they respectively mean the fourth and fifth raise. The second raise is often referred to simply as a Raise, and the first as a Bet.

Why is the term misunderstood?

Errors in understanding this term often arise due to the number at the beginning. Inexperienced players incorrectly believe that the number means the size of the bet – the player posted three big blinds. But this is not true, because it is impossible to calculate the size of the raise for no-limit hold ’em, even if the sizes of the blinds are known. In no-limit games, a player can raise any size.

In poker with a fixed betting limit, the size of the Raise can be determined by the value in the number of Blinds. The fact is that all raises have a fixed size and are equal to the lower Bet in the first two betting rounds and the upper one on the Turn and River.

Thus, if we know the size of the bet and the order of the Raise, then we can calculate what 3 Bet will be. The first player bets a bet, the second player raised a bet more, and the third player raised another bet.

Examples of 3-Bet from different poker positions:

  • From late – the Button placed the first bet, the opponent raised this bet from an early position – you answered with a Raise;
  • From early – you equalized the big blind, the opponent raised the bet – the move returned to you and you bet even more;
  • From the Blind – You placed the Blind, one opponent entered the auction, who made a Raise, the move came to you and you raised his bet.

When can I place this bet?

3-Bet in poker is a fairly aggressive decision that is made during the betting process, as the performer raises, although the opponent has shown with a raise that he has a strong hand.

At the same time, players spend a lot of chips on a return raise – especially if you play no-limit hold ’em, where the size of the minimum raise is different from that in fixed limit hold’em.

Sometimes, preflop, a mod action can mean a player is bluffing. However, not all players use it. If the Raise is made from an advantageous position, the range for it can be wide.

Such a bet is made to increase the win rate or get a bluff win. If a player calls the opponent’s bet, then he does not increase the pot with a promising hand – thereby preventing his opponent from folding and giving up the pot immediately.

If the player raises the opponent’s bet, then he can get a win immediately or move to the next street with a higher pot. If the opponent decides to call the bet, then the player needs to be prepared to aggressively bid on subsequent streets, as the pot will be worth it.

Total over 3.0 in other sports

The bet “total over 3.0” is rarely found in sports with high performance. Bookmakers offer such a quote for various events in Live mode or an additional list.

There are two types of totals in football betting – total over and under 3.0 in football. Most often there are bets on the total over – they are designated as 3.0. Under bets are denoted as -3.

Sports betting on this type of event can have three outcomes: win, lose and return. Total over and under 3.0 will mean that in a football match the teams must score more or fewer goals, if they scored exactly 3, then the bookmaker calculates such a coupon as a refund.

Term -3 in football

A similar term, in addition to poker, can also be used in total football betting.

Total over 3.0 means that the player is betting that more than three of the events he bet on will occur in the game segment: goal, corner, removal, point, violation, etc.

Moreover, if three such events occur during the game, then the bookmaker will return the bet amount to the player.

When it comes to goals, bookmakers offer good odds on over 3.0 goals. Quotes will increase in Live mode if there is less and less time left until the end of the meeting, and the required amount of goals have not been reached.

Goal over 3.0 in hockey

In Hockey Over (3.0), you can most often find an individual total on the market. So, for example, in the NHL match between the Boston Bruins and the Carolina Hurricanes, the bookmaker offers odds of 2.40 on the TO(3.0) of the first team and 2.80 on the TO(3.0) of the guests. With a bet of $100, the winnings can be $140 and $180, respectively.

Total over 3.0 in tennis

In tennis, there is also a bet “total over 3.0”. Most often it is used in live fights. The bookmaker offers to bet on individual total games over 3.0 on the outsider of the meeting. The bet will play if the favorite loses more than three games in a set (for example, 4:6).

NBA betting strategy

There are several well-known sports leagues in the world that any sports fan knows about. One of these is the NBA – a professional men’s basketball league in North America, in particular, the United States and Canada. The NBA is one of the top four professional sports leagues in North America. In addition to her, this list also includes the NHL, Major League Baseball, and the NFL. The Basketball League was founded in 1946 as the Basketball Association of America. It later merged with the National Basketball League and was renamed the National Basketball Association. About NBA betting system, sports betting basics, types of bets, and some NBA basketball features we will tell in this article.

The National Basketball Association is the best national basketball tournament in the world. On average, about 2500 matches are played in one season, taking into account the playoffs. This is a fairly large number of matches, which is enough to successfully bet on the NBA.

What is NBA betting?

NBA betting is the most popular type of basketball betting in the world. The NBA is the strongest league, which brings together the best players and world-class stars. Every NBA game is a thrilling contest with unpredictable outcomes, which is why NBA competitions get the most attention and the most betting volume.

NBA betting includes all possible types of basketball bets. For this tournament, bookmakers always offer the best list, with all possible outcomes, handicaps, totals, and more.

Tournament Format

There are 30 teams in the league, which are equally divided into the Western and Eastern conferences. The conference includes 3 divisions of 5 clubs. There are 82 rounds in the regular season.

Division winners and 5 teams with the best percentage of winnings advance to the playoffs. The confrontation lasts up to 4 victories. Representatives of different conferences are divorced according to the standings – therefore they compete with each other only in the final.

Features of betting on the NBA

There are several general rules and patterns of NBA betting that apply to most matches held within the championship. The main rules include the following:

  • A quarter in the NBA lasts 12 minutes, not 10
  • Zone defense is prohibited in matches – this greatly simplifies the actions of attacking teams;
  • The Basketball Association financially supports clubs in the NBA league. The difference in the class of favorites and outsiders is not as big as in European leagues. 30% of fights end with the victory of the underdog;
  • 60% of wins usually go to the home team. However, you should not focus on trends, because at a distance the margin takes part of the profit. Therefore, it is better to look for more accurate patterns and bet on odds;
  • Total betting in the NBA is one of the most popular types of bets. At the same time, it is also the most profitable option. Bookmakers provide a list of up to 15 total steps in each direction, and the margin does not exceed 4 percent;
  • Clubs always hold pre-season games about a month before the start of the season – thus, the fans have the opportunity to assess the strength of the teams and the physical condition of the athletes. This allows you to take a closer look and understand what bets and on whom it is better to make. The team plays 6-10 games, which are designed to evaluate basketball players and tactical developments. In such matches, it determines the game model for the next season;
  • Winning streaks rarely last longer than 10 meetings. If the bank is enough for 7-8 steps, you can try to use the catch-up strategy or its modification – win-win catch-up. Better yet, start betting when the team has won 5-7 times in a row;
  • It often happens that the last team of the previous season can become the leader of the current year. Therefore, you should not rely on the statistics of past years – in NBA bets it is better to focus only on the statistics of the current season.

NBA Betting Tips and Patterns

If you are already an experienced player and make long-term bets, then it will be useful for you to learn the features and patterns of long-term bets on basketball matches:

  1. Usually, important fights are less played for a total. Fewer goals are scored in the playoffs than in the regular season. This is because athletes are extremely defensively focused and take no risks. In the first matches of the season, the trend is always the same;
  2. It is interesting to note that the score of 0:2 in the series is a verdict for the team. In the NHL, players can go further by losing two or three games in a row. However, in the NBA, if a team has such an advantage, then 93-94% of the time it ends up in the next round;
  3. Most often it happens that those teams that have updated the composition in the offseason, in the debut games show far from the best game. In basketball, teamwork is important, so newcomers need time to adapt. That is why experienced bettors try not to bet on those NBA teams that have recently updated their roster.

NBA Winner Betting

Most often, there are 3-4 teams in the tournament that are superior in class to the rest of the league participants. However, it is important to remember that elimination games are unpredictable, so when you are predicting the winner of a tournament, try to consider at least 10-12 contenders. After all, you can never reliably predict who will be the winner.

NBA betting strategy

The zigzag theory is often used in NBA betting, especially when it comes to playoff betting. Even the best clubs don’t win all the time, so unexpected results happen every time. The essence of the zigzag system is to bet on the team that lost in the previous game. Most often, after a failure, the team analyzes in detail the tactics of the previous game and their mistakes, so such a team has every chance to show a good game in the next match.

This factor is always taken into account by analysts of betting companies and casual bettors. The club confidently beats opponents, but instead of increasing the handicap in the next meeting, it remains the same or decreases. In a similar situation in a regular draw, the handicap increases by 2-3 points.

There is one peculiarity here – this strategy only works in competitive matches. So the best NBA betting advice is not to bet on events in which there is a clear favorite. Rough bets are unlikely to be successful. The main thing is not to overestimate or underestimate the team.


When doing sports betting on the NBA, it is important to remember that trends change instantly, so there can be no long-term strategies here.

It is important to always take into account the patterns of the tournament and carefully analyze each choice.

In addition to obvious patterns and unique features, the betting system on the NBA has obvious advantages – this is the regularity of events, a sufficient amount of information about statistical data, as well as a detailed breakdown, and a margin of 3-4% on popular markets. All these advantages make betting on the NBA profitable, which is why they are so popular among NBA bettors.

What is pk in betting

To be well versed in sports betting, you need to understand many technical terms. They help players to better navigate the betting area and also save them from making many mistakes during betting. Thanks to this, low-opty players will be able to avoid big losses and save their money.

That is why, if you do not have much experience in making bets and do not know the terminology well, you need to understand the meaning of the main terms. In this review, we will look at the term PC – find out its features and meaning, and also see how this term is used in sports betting.

The meaning

PK in other words is also called “zero handicaps”. It denotes the type of bets in which each player has the opportunity to ensure if the match or part of it ends in a draw. Such a bet assumes that the player is betting on the victory of one of the opponents. However, if the match ends with a tie, then the player will be able to get a refund of his bet. That way he won’t lose his money.

Features of this type of bet

The peculiarity of a zero handicap is that the odds for a zero handicap are always slightly lower than usual. This is because such a bet covers two outcomes at once – it turns out that the probability of your winning is 33%, and the probability that you will not lose money is 66%, and the probability. If a player is not completely sure when exactly to place a bet with a zero handicap, then it is important to understand that such bets are, first of all, an opportunity to play it safe.

Therefore, most often players make such bets in cases where the opponents have approximately the same chances of winning and it is difficult to say who is the favorite. Many experienced players carefully study the statistics of the teams before placing bets on zero handicaps, as well as look at the results of previous matches, evaluate the physical form of the athletes and the composition of the team in the particular match they are going to bet on. This helps determine which team has the advantage to win.

If, after studying statistics and analyzing the current state of the team, it was not possible to determine the favorite, then you can bet on the victory of one of the opponents, but with a safety net. In this case, the final score of the match does not matter. The most important thing is that the team on which the player places a bet does not lose.

Bearing in mind the above, we can conclude that a zero handicap in sports betting is not at all profitable if you can determine the favorite of the match even before it starts. Largely because bookmakers offer players low odds on a possible winner. But if you are sure that the outsider in the meeting can become a winner, then you have a good opportunity to make good money.

​In details

Winning with a zero handicap assumes that the player is betting on the victory of one of the opponents. At the same time, as mentioned above, if the opponents played a draw, such a bet doesn’t lose but is calculated with a coefficient of 1.0, that is, it is returned to the player.

To better understand how the zero handicap works, we can consider three options for the outcome of a sporting event.
  1. The match ends in a draw – in this case, the bookmaker must return the player the entire amount of his bet.
  2. Winning one of the teams (or one athlete) – in this case, the player receives a profit at the specified coefficient. At the same time, the score with which one or another player or team won does not matter.
  3. The defeat of the selected team (or athlete) – in this case, the player’s bet loses completely. In this case, the account also does not matter.

It is important to understand that even though the odds for a zero bet are much lower, a zero bet is considered safer since, in the event of a tie, it will be fully returned to the player. It is for this reason that many inexperienced players often choose this type of bet.

When is it profitable for a player to bet on a handicap with zero?

Because bets with a zero handicap are insurance for players, it is profitable to make these bets when the strength of the two opponents to win is approximately equal and it is difficult to predict who exactly will be the winner.

However, sports betting experts recommend that you still check the statistics of the previous games of the teams – because it often happens that teams have the same score in the ranking, however, based on previous matches, you can guess which team can take the lead. The possible victory of a team (or an individual athlete) is influenced by many factors: physical form, the total number of defeats in previous games, the presence or absence of injuries in the past, and much more. Therefore, additional analysis before placing a bet never hurts.

The advantage of a zero handicap is that the score of the match in this case does not matter – the very fact of the victory of the selected team (or athlete) is important. But in sports confrontations with a clear favorite and an outsider, a zero handicap on the favorite is not very profitable due to low odds.

Which sports involve betting on a zero handicap

Among the many sports, not all involve betting with a zero handicap. Most often, such offers can be found in the following sports:

  • In football (soccer betting), such indicators are: shots on goal, corners, yellow cards, fouls;
  • In Tennis, such indicators are: games and feed through;
  • In hockey, the following are important: send-offs, throw-ins, throws reflected by the goalkeeper;
  • In American football, touchdowns, and passes, yellow flags (violations of the rules) are important.


Having considered the features of making bets with a zero handicap, we can conclude that this type of betting is quite popular, especially among players with little experience in making bets. This is due to the possibility of a refund. A zero handicap allows the player to insure and save their money, which is especially important for those who are just starting to work in the field of betting and are not very confident in their abilities.

If the game does not go according to plan and ends in a draw, it is much more profitable to receive a return on a zero handicap than to refuse a bet.

Despite all the advantages, it is worth noting that the zero handicap does not guarantee the player the opportunity to earn more money if he does not bet on wild outsiders. Since most often the odds for this type of bet are much lower than for other types of bets. Zero odds are available for many popular sports, so almost all bookmakers and most bookmakers include this type of bet in their line.