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What does -3 mean in betting

The term 3-Bet is quite common in the field of betting and casinos. To bet successfully, it is important to know exactly what this term means, as inexperienced players often misinterpret it and, as a result, act incorrectly afterward. In order not to get confused in the information that the Internet is oversaturated with today, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with this article, in which we will analyze in detail the term 3-Bet and its features.

The meaning of the term 3-Bet in poker

A 3-bet in poker is a player’s raise in response to an opponent’s earlier raise. A raise is a decision in the betting process in which a player raises, relative to the minimum bet of the opponent who decided him.

The term 3-Bet is used both pre-flop and post-flop. If explained in simple terms, then it means the third increase in a row, and that is why the number three is at the beginning of the term. This term also has analogies – for example, 4-Bet, and 5-Bet – they respectively mean the fourth and fifth raise. The second raise is often referred to simply as a Raise, and the first as a Bet.

Why is the term misunderstood?

Errors in understanding this term often arise due to the number at the beginning. Inexperienced players incorrectly believe that the number means the size of the bet – the player posted three big blinds. But this is not true, because it is impossible to calculate the size of the raise for no-limit hold ’em, even if the sizes of the blinds are known. In no-limit games, a player can raise any size.

In poker with a fixed betting limit, the size of the Raise can be determined by the value in the number of Blinds. The fact is that all raises have a fixed size and are equal to the lower Bet in the first two betting rounds and the upper one on the Turn and River.

Thus, if we know the size of the bet and the order of the Raise, then we can calculate what 3 Bet will be. The first player bets a bet, the second player raised a bet more, and the third player raised another bet.

Examples of 3-Bet from different poker positions:

  • From late – the Button placed the first bet, the opponent raised this bet from an early position – you answered with a Raise;
  • From early – you equalized the big blind, the opponent raised the bet – the move returned to you and you bet even more;
  • From the Blind – You placed the Blind, one opponent entered the auction, who made a Raise, the move came to you and you raised his bet.

When can I place this bet?

3-Bet in poker is a fairly aggressive decision that is made during the betting process, as the performer raises, although the opponent has shown with a raise that he has a strong hand.

At the same time, players spend a lot of chips on a return raise – especially if you play no-limit hold ’em, where the size of the minimum raise is different from that in fixed limit hold’em.

Sometimes, preflop, a mod action can mean a player is bluffing. However, not all players use it. If the Raise is made from an advantageous position, the range for it can be wide.

Such a bet is made to increase the win rate or get a bluff win. If a player calls the opponent’s bet, then he does not increase the pot with a promising hand – thereby preventing his opponent from folding and giving up the pot immediately.

If the player raises the opponent’s bet, then he can get a win immediately or move to the next street with a higher pot. If the opponent decides to call the bet, then the player needs to be prepared to aggressively bid on subsequent streets, as the pot will be worth it.

Total over 3.0 in other sports

The bet “total over 3.0” is rarely found in sports with high performance. Bookmakers offer such a quote for various events in Live mode or an additional list.

There are two types of totals in football betting – total over and under 3.0 in football. Most often there are bets on the total over – they are designated as 3.0. Under bets are denoted as -3.

Sports betting on this type of event can have three outcomes: win, lose and return. Total over and under 3.0 will mean that in a football match the teams must score more or fewer goals, if they scored exactly 3, then the bookmaker calculates such a coupon as a refund.

Term -3 in football

A similar term, in addition to poker, can also be used in total football betting.

Total over 3.0 means that the player is betting that more than three of the events he bet on will occur in the game segment: goal, corner, removal, point, violation, etc.

Moreover, if three such events occur during the game, then the bookmaker will return the bet amount to the player.

When it comes to goals, bookmakers offer good odds on over 3.0 goals. Quotes will increase in Live mode if there is less and less time left until the end of the meeting, and the required amount of goals have not been reached.

Goal over 3.0 in hockey

In Hockey Over (3.0), you can most often find an individual total on the market. So, for example, in the NHL match between the Boston Bruins and the Carolina Hurricanes, the bookmaker offers odds of 2.40 on the TO(3.0) of the first team and 2.80 on the TO(3.0) of the guests. With a bet of $100, the winnings can be $140 and $180, respectively.

Total over 3.0 in tennis

In tennis, there is also a bet “total over 3.0”. Most often it is used in live fights. The bookmaker offers to bet on individual total games over 3.0 on the outsider of the meeting. The bet will play if the favorite loses more than three games in a set (for example, 4:6).