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What is pk in betting

To be well versed in sports betting, you need to understand many technical terms. They help players to better navigate the betting area and also save them from making many mistakes during betting. Thanks to this, low-opty players will be able to avoid big losses and save their money.

That is why, if you do not have much experience in making bets and do not know the terminology well, you need to understand the meaning of the main terms. In this review, we will look at the term PC – find out its features and meaning, and also see how this term is used in sports betting.

The meaning

PK in other words is also called “zero handicaps”. It denotes the type of bets in which each player has the opportunity to ensure if the match or part of it ends in a draw. Such a bet assumes that the player is betting on the victory of one of the opponents. However, if the match ends with a tie, then the player will be able to get a refund of his bet. That way he won’t lose his money.

Features of this type of bet

The peculiarity of a zero handicap is that the odds for a zero handicap are always slightly lower than usual. This is because such a bet covers two outcomes at once – it turns out that the probability of your winning is 33%, and the probability that you will not lose money is 66%, and the probability. If a player is not completely sure when exactly to place a bet with a zero handicap, then it is important to understand that such bets are, first of all, an opportunity to play it safe.

Therefore, most often players make such bets in cases where the opponents have approximately the same chances of winning and it is difficult to say who is the favorite. Many experienced players carefully study the statistics of the teams before placing bets on zero handicaps, as well as look at the results of previous matches, evaluate the physical form of the athletes and the composition of the team in the particular match they are going to bet on. This helps determine which team has the advantage to win.

If, after studying statistics and analyzing the current state of the team, it was not possible to determine the favorite, then you can bet on the victory of one of the opponents, but with a safety net. In this case, the final score of the match does not matter. The most important thing is that the team on which the player places a bet does not lose.

Bearing in mind the above, we can conclude that a zero handicap in sports betting is not at all profitable if you can determine the favorite of the match even before it starts. Largely because bookmakers offer players low odds on a possible winner. But if you are sure that the outsider in the meeting can become a winner, then you have a good opportunity to make good money.

​In details

Winning with a zero handicap assumes that the player is betting on the victory of one of the opponents. At the same time, as mentioned above, if the opponents played a draw, such a bet doesn’t lose but is calculated with a coefficient of 1.0, that is, it is returned to the player.

To better understand how the zero handicap works, we can consider three options for the outcome of a sporting event.
  1. The match ends in a draw – in this case, the bookmaker must return the player the entire amount of his bet.
  2. Winning one of the teams (or one athlete) – in this case, the player receives a profit at the specified coefficient. At the same time, the score with which one or another player or team won does not matter.
  3. The defeat of the selected team (or athlete) – in this case, the player’s bet loses completely. In this case, the account also does not matter.

It is important to understand that even though the odds for a zero bet are much lower, a zero bet is considered safer since, in the event of a tie, it will be fully returned to the player. It is for this reason that many inexperienced players often choose this type of bet.

When is it profitable for a player to bet on a handicap with zero?

Because bets with a zero handicap are insurance for players, it is profitable to make these bets when the strength of the two opponents to win is approximately equal and it is difficult to predict who exactly will be the winner.

However, sports betting experts recommend that you still check the statistics of the previous games of the teams – because it often happens that teams have the same score in the ranking, however, based on previous matches, you can guess which team can take the lead. The possible victory of a team (or an individual athlete) is influenced by many factors: physical form, the total number of defeats in previous games, the presence or absence of injuries in the past, and much more. Therefore, additional analysis before placing a bet never hurts.

The advantage of a zero handicap is that the score of the match in this case does not matter – the very fact of the victory of the selected team (or athlete) is important. But in sports confrontations with a clear favorite and an outsider, a zero handicap on the favorite is not very profitable due to low odds.

Which sports involve betting on a zero handicap

Among the many sports, not all involve betting with a zero handicap. Most often, such offers can be found in the following sports:

  • In football (soccer betting), such indicators are: shots on goal, corners, yellow cards, fouls;
  • In Tennis, such indicators are: games and feed through;
  • In hockey, the following are important: send-offs, throw-ins, throws reflected by the goalkeeper;
  • In American football, touchdowns, and passes, yellow flags (violations of the rules) are important.


Having considered the features of making bets with a zero handicap, we can conclude that this type of betting is quite popular, especially among players with little experience in making bets. This is due to the possibility of a refund. A zero handicap allows the player to insure and save their money, which is especially important for those who are just starting to work in the field of betting and are not very confident in their abilities.

If the game does not go according to plan and ends in a draw, it is much more profitable to receive a return on a zero handicap than to refuse a bet.

Despite all the advantages, it is worth noting that the zero handicap does not guarantee the player the opportunity to earn more money if he does not bet on wild outsiders. Since most often the odds for this type of bet are much lower than for other types of bets. Zero odds are available for many popular sports, so almost all bookmakers and most bookmakers include this type of bet in their line.