Why are Prescription Drug Costs Rising So Quickly?

There’s an epidemic of rising prescription costs in the USA. What’s behind it, and what can we do? Find out here.

The cost of healthcare is rising. And there’s one area of the healthcare system that’s seen a steeper rise than most – prescription drug costs.

Here’s why prescription drug costs are rising, and what (if anything!) you can do about it.

Drugs are getting more expensive

The term “out of control” springs to mind when we think about how drugs are getting more expensive. And before we get into why they’re more expensive, it’s worth taking stock of just how MUCH the price has gone up in recent years.

A recent article reported that between May 2015 and May 2016, prescription drug costs increased about 10%.

Which, when you say it like that, doesn’t sound like all that much.

But consider this:

  • In that same time, inflation went up 1%
  • Food and booze prices increased 2.8%
  • Clothes went up 5.7%

What this means is that the cost of prescription drugs is increasing at a rate that far outpaces other goods on the market, making them increasingly less affordable for everyone.

WHY drugs are getting more expensive

There are plenty of explanations as to why prescription drugs are getting more expensive over time.

There’s probably no single correct answer.

Here are the most popular reasons:

The industry explanation:

The pharmaceutical industry argues that as drugs get better and more complex, their manufacturing and research and development costs increase. Basically, it’s the law of diminishing returns – the harder you work, the harder the work gets. However, this doesn’t really hold up when you look at

Basically, it’s the law of diminishing returns – the harder you work, the harder the work gets. However, this doesn’t really hold up when you look at pharmaceutical compensation.

The economic reason:

As the baby boomers retire and age, the healthcare system has more patients. Since patients are fundamentally consumers of prescription drugs, demand for these drugs increases. As demand increase, so too does price.

Since patients are fundamentally consumers of prescription drugs, demand for these drugs increases. As demand increases so do prices.

Anti-industrial arguments:

For example, most governments grant a grace period when a drug is new where no other competitors are allowed to make that drug. This creates a temporary monopoly and incentivises drug companies to continue to develop new drugs.

However, in recent years, drug companies have begun a process called ‘evergreening.’ This is when they make one small alteration and re-patent the drug. This extends their monopoly and allows them to keep prices artificially high.

The second major anti-industrial argument is more based on economics. Basically, the argument is that drugs are an inelastic good – that is, demand isn’t really sensitive to price.

For example, let’s say crackers cost $10. If they increase the price 250% to $25, most people would just stop buying crackers.

But when drug companies did exactly this to EpiPens, increasing the price 250% from $57 in 2007 to $200 in 2016, people with allergies still had to buy the pens. Thus, demand is inelastic.

What you can do about it

The reality is, as consumers there isn’t a lot we can do.

We can pressure our elected officials and the agencies they control to stop ‘evergreening’ and other such practices. But the simple matter is, drugs prices have been going up for years, and show no sign of slowing. And if you need a product to survive, then you don’t have a lot of choice of whether or not to buy it.

Fortunately, you can decide WHERE to buy it. Canadapharmacyonline.com has better prices than many competitors for the same top tier drugs and is a major source of relief for beleaguered and sick patients on both sides of the border.


5 Signs You’re in a Codependent Relationship

Your loved one is an addict, but are you helping or hurting? These 5 signs let you know if the relationship is codependent – and what you can do to help.

Would you be surprised to learn that addiction is a group problem, not an individual issue?

Addiction affects a whole social group, be that a family or a circle of friends. Not just the addict.

And if you’re prone to codependency, it can bring out the worst in you.

Over 15 million adults over the age of 18 suffer from alcohol use disorder in the US alone. That means a lot of other people being affected by that form of addiction.

So read on to learn 5 signs that you may be in a codependent relationship.

1) You maintain you’re not the one with the problem

Do you find yourself saying things like “I’m not the one with the problem”? Or “I’ll be fine when she gets herself better”?

Denial is a sign of codependency. You’re trying to externalize the problem by placing it elsewhere instead of just facing it.

You can’t access help until you acknowledge that there’s a problem. But you’re never on your own in this situation.

Services like Prescott House Alcohol Treatment Center can help you by providing the help your loved one needs. You don’t have to be their sole source of support.

2) You think everything will be okay if you can just help them quit their addiction

It’s only natural to want to help. And it’s a logical assumption that if you change their addictive behavior, the addiction goes away.

But if you keep trying to control the behaviors without acknowledging the problem, you’re not helping.

Only the addict can change their behavior for the better, not you.

Recognize that it’s only natural to worry about an addict. But you can’t put the addiction the center of your relationship.

3) You feel responsible for solving your loved one’s problems

You can see your loved one has a problem. Maybe they acknowledge it themselves, or maybe they think everything is under their control.

But if you’re codependent, you’re convinced the addict needs your help. They can’t function without you.

So you might provide a stream of advice that you expect to be followed. And you might feel unappreciated if the advice isn’t taken.

You need to step back. The addict is responsible for their addiction, not you.

4) You take everything personally

If your loved one lapses, you’ll rush to blame yourself. If only you’d been good enough, they would have stayed sober.

Or maybe you worry that you put them in a position that drove them to relapse.

Not everything that your loved one does is a reflection on you. You have to allow them some agency in their own decision making.

Your need for control makes you take on responsibility that you don’t need to shoulder.

40-60% of those treated for drug addiction relapse. That’s compared to 50-70% of asthma patients who suffer a relapse.

It’s a medical condition. It’s not your fault.

5) You put your loved one’s needs before your own

You never express your own thoughts or feelings. You focus exclusively on the addict’s emotions.

Does that sound familiar?

Putting your own needs first may make you feel selfish. Or you may be so concerned with winning your partner’s approval that you always put them first.

Either way, it’s a dangerous situation. Because you’re actually enabling the addiction.

You feel needed because your loved one can’t cope without you. But the addict maintains their habit because they feel they need to indulge because it’ll keep you around.

Don’t panic if you recognize yourself in these signs.

It’s time for you to seek help for your own addiction.

Recovery from codependency needs you to work on detachment. It sounds harsh, but don’t let the name fool you.

It doesn’t mean you need to detach from the person – far from it.

Instead, you need to separate the addict and their behavior. Respond to your loved one – not their addictive tendencies.

Just make sure you seek support. Both for their addiction and yours.

But together you can do this.

Breast Cancer Treatment that goes beyond

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breast cancer

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Breast cancer is a very common ailment that millions of women all over the world suffer from. The best thing you can do when you are diagnosed is to consider the importance of using this new groundbreaking technology that is going to help you overcome your cancer efficiently. The medical field continues to grow further and to provide a much better result for everyone in need of the best possible results.


There is always a way out

There is always a way out

It’s common for some individuals who become addicted to hard drugs alcohol to feel like they are unable to regain their freedom and this is the reason why so many people don’t ever stop the battle against the problem. This is perfectly achievable, but there are things people need to understand and most people simply don’t get the kind of treatment they need for the results to be as they expect them.

Searching for inner strength to recover from addiction is always something that can be accomplished because we all want to feel better and live better lives, but many individuals simply don’t seek the guidance needed to be able to see things clearly and feel better about their lives again. This is essential for people who want to recover fast.

Finding proper guidance in order to make this happen is going to be crucial. A recovering addict needs to get the best treatment possible and the psychological will also play an important role. What this means is that people need to understand the person before they can help him or her and this is the one thing that the counselors and the staff at www.morningsiderecovery.com are so good at doing for anyone in need.

They are going to see how things are and provide the best results for individuals who feel like they are no longer able to get any positive outcomes when they are trying to quit and they feel like they have been taken hostage by their addiction. It’s this sort of situation that Morning Side Discovery can help with and they have turned many lives around with their service.

An addiction to any kind of drug can be extremely difficult to handle for most individuals, but once they learn about the entire process that will help them get rid of the problem, they will be able to see the best results and they will no longer have to depend on drugs to live their lives. This is always going to make them feel free and in charge of everything that goes on in their lives again.

Most of those who struggle with addiction feel that they can’t do any activity without drinking of suing drugs because they feel this is missing from their lives and that is what addiction is truly about. It’s the burden of dependence of a substance that replaces the great things that life has to offer and being able to conquer this and beat it will make you feel amazing once again.