Stretching After Running: Why Is It Important?

running stretchRunning is a great way to get in shape, and stretching afterwards is also a good choice. When you perform a series of stretches after you run, it helps your body gradually cool down and also improves your flexibility. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of stretching after you run and some helpful stretching exercises you can perform, continue reading.

There are a couple of things you need to remember as you stretch. First of all, breathe deeply during the exercises. Also, stretching should never be painful, but you should stretch until you feel a little tight or even slight discomfort. If you do feel pain, stop and contact a medical professional.

You can find the proper stretching exercises in many different places. Visit a reputable website that focuses on either running or stretching. Either one will share the best stretches to perform after you run.

Another good option is to try manual therapy techniques such as foam rolling or gua sha. There are many sites available where you can learn this such as

Asking friends who have been educated in the physical fitness realm can also help. By showing you some good stretching exercises, you can cool down and improve your flexibility after a nice run.

Another option is to purchase a book that focuses on stretching. You can find one online, at your local bookstore, or by visiting your local library. With a book, you can read about the stretch and learn exactly what is doing and why it works for you to perform the exercise. You will also learn the proper technique that will keep you from getting injured.

yoga running stretchUsing your smart phone is another good option. More and more apps are created each day and there are several that focus on fitness. If you want to utilize your phone, visit your app store and do a search for stretching exercises. Depending on your phone’s operating system, you may be able to find exactly what you are looking for. If you find an app that contains videos of the stretches, it can be even more helpful.

As you can see, choosing to perform stretching exercises is a great way to cool down after you take a run. Also, stretching at anytime helps you improve your flexibility. Being more flexible can help your run and so much more in your life. Use the tips that have been shared here to help you find the best stretches for your needs. Your body will feel much better and thank you for these exercises.

The Benefits Of Buying An Adjustable Skipping Rope

Skipping rope has numerous benefits that will truly transform your body, mind and athletic ability. Furthermore, adjustable skipping ropes are even more versatile and worth the investment. A versatile skipping rope can be used by beginners, intermediate and advanced people. So, if you are at a beginner level, you can use this jump rope and as your jump rope skills improve, you can still use this rope due to its adjustable nature. Also, since the length is adjustable, you can use it for a variety of different jumps such as double unders or other tricks.

Jumping rope has a host of other benefits and if you are interested in losing weight or getting fit then jumping rope should definitely be a part of your routine. When you jump rope, you will burn between 12 and 15 calories per minute which means that you will burn over 300 calories in only 30 minutes of exercise. It is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise that will make the fat melt off of your body and reveal the lean muscle underneath. You might be surprised, but jumping rope can also help you to build muscle. This is especially true if you use the weighted skipping ropes to make your routine even more intense.

Another benefit of jumping rope is that it will make you more agile, fit and coordinated. It will increase your foot speed and eye-hand coordination. This is simply invaluable especially if you are an athlete since it will help you to improve in your sport and become a better athlete. Jumping rope will also condition your body and help you to build endurance. This is because jumping rope is very taxing on your cardiovascular system and will make it stronger as you continue training. I highly recommend the one which I’m currently using, very easy to use and durable,  Eventually, you will be able to exercise or play in your sport for a much longer period of time without getting overly tired. It will truly improve your stamina in all areas of your life.

Lastly, jumping rope will help to improve and streamline your body. It will help you to get rid of any belly fat you may have as well as fat around your hips, thighs and love handles. It will also help to get rid of under arm flab so that you have a very tight and toned physique.

In closing, jumping rope is an excellent exercise that will greatly improve your fitness and life. So, if you are considering getting one, it is best to choose the adjustable skipping rope so that you can grow with it.

How to Avoid the MERS Virus

The MERS virus has already killed over 35 percent of the people around the world that have contracted it. There is no vaccine for it currently. Therefore, the only real way to avoid getting the virus is by taking as many preventative measures as possible.

MERS or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is a viral respiratory illness believed to be from camels that is now affecting humans. It was first reported in 2012 in Saudi Arabia and that is why it gets its name as it originated or was found in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, the illness did not stay localized. It has spread to many other nations including South Korea which has the largest outbreak of it outside of the Middle East. It has begun to affect people in the United States.

The primary symptoms mimic the flu but have more of a tendency to end up like pneumonia. These symptoms include a fever of over 100 degrees F, cough, nausea, diarrhea, shortness of breath, chills, body aches, sore throat headache, vomiting, and kidney failure. Kidney failure is the most notable symptom as the others are nearly exact to the SARS illness that broke out in the early 2000%u2019s, but with SARS there was no kidney failure. The MERS virus can progress quickly into pneumonia.

While there is no vaccine for it, a vaccine is being worked on according to the World Health Organization. If a person suspects they have the illness, they not only should visit their doctor right away but the doctor should also report the MERS to the appropriate medical authorities.

Those with compromised immune systems, infants, and the elderly are most susceptible to the illness. The best way to avoid it is by taking the same precautions one would to avoid colds and flu. Wash your hands regularly, stay away from anyone who exhibits symptoms of the illness, and be especially vigilant when traveling abroad.

The US cases are believed to have come from patients who had recently been in countries where MERS is most prevalent. The illness is not necessarily deadly as long as it is caught early. Treatment does not include anything specific except having a doctor or team of doctors oversee the patient%u2019s progress and work to keep him or her comfortable.

Use vigilance to stay healthy. Do this especially when traveling to countries where the outbreak is severe.

Cloning in living things

The world is growing and people are making progress in the way they handle various issues that are connected to life and everything that surrounds it. There are a lot of things that happen in the field of Biology that are seemingly appearing as complex issues to some individuals. Cloning is one of the latest biology find outs which have shown quite a great improvement in the way scientists are working to improve their services. This article will give you the information you need concerning cloning. You will be in a position to understand everything about cloning and anything else that is related to cloning including the history of cloning.

Biologically, cloning can best be defined as the process where populations which are similar in their genetic identity reproduce similar populations after an asexual reproduction of the plants, insects, and bacteria. On biotechnology, cloning is usually referred to as the technical process where copies of the DNA are created by organisms, or cells. This term may also be used in referring to the process of creating more copies in software or the digital media.

The term cloning had its origin from J. B. S. Haldane who is a Greek individual and the term evolved from the Greek word klon. The word initially referred to the process by which the plant could be created from just plucking a twig. The spelling clon was used in horticulture until the twentieth century. The final vowel came afterwards.

Molecular Cloning

Molecular cloning is basically the process where one is able to create a multiple of molecules. The cloning process has in most cases been used in the process of amplifying the entire genes though it could be used in the amplification of the sequence of the DNA such as non-coding sequences, randomly fragmented DNAs, and promoters. In some occasions, the word cloning could be used in a misleading manner while trying to illustrate the process of chromosomal location. The localization done to the gene might at times fail to enable the amplification or the isolation of the appropriate genomic sequences. For the amplification of a certain DNA to be successful, the sequence must be linked to the origin of the replication.

Cloning can best be described as a natural form of reproduction which has facilitated the spreading of the life forms for more than 50,000 years. Cloning is the reproduction method that is mostly used by fungi, plants, and bacteria. Cloning also illustrates the actual way that the clonal colonies have been reproducing.

Are Nanobots A Threat Or A Promise Of A Better Life For All?

Imagine a world where tiny robots would not only cure all disease, but also provide all of humanity with food, as well as cleaning the depths of the ocean and clear all of the surface of the Earth of pollution.

Oil spills would be be easily dealt with and every human being on the face of the planet would be provided with enough food to enjoy a first world quality of life.

This may very well be the truth if the promise of Nanobots comes to fruition.

Nanobots are tiny, even microscopic robots that are designed in laboratories to deal with a variety of challenges that we face in the modern world.

These tiny robots, designed on the nano scale which is far smaller then most cells in our body are already under development in laboratories across the world. And their applications are as varied as the companies that are preparing to put them into production.

Imagine if you will a fleet of nanobots designed to seek out and destroy cancer cells in the human body. Injected into any site they would have a single purpose – to heal and remove the source of cancer. After they have accomplished their task they would remain – ever vigilant waiting for the sign of cancer and programmed to eliminate disease.

In the case of pollution imagine a swarm of nanobots which, sight unseen would devour oil spills and replicating using the energy they obtained from the oil that they had absorbed. Turning oil spills into harmless gas that would benefit the environment.

However there are those who believe that nanobots present as much of a threat as they do a benefit. Nanobots would be designed to be self replicating, imitating life forms, but not subject to the same limitations.

The idea of the ‘grey goo’ that could carpet our planet is part and parcel of the threat that many see inherent in the idea of nanobots.

Replicating wildly these tiny man made organisms may simply not stop in their task, and even more worryingly they might evolve to live of related substances.

If this was to be the case then a swarm of nanobots could quite easily evolve from dealing with oil spills to consuming all petrochemical products and that might spell the doom of society as it exists in the 21st century.

As with any technology nanobots have great potential, but they also have the potential to do great harm. Science may be a double edged sword – but can we afford to ignore the great potential of these tiny, yet powerful man made organisms.